Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fun Photo Toppers

A few years ago I was in charge of the End of School party at my son's preschool. When you have a class with only 8 kids, you can do something a bit more detailed.
I was inspired by this etsy shop to create some photo cupcake toppers. I asked the kids to make funny faces for me as I took their photo at an earlier spring party. Not all obliged. A few, including my own, had to have their snapshot taken at the ball field. It didn't matter...they turned out adorable anyway.

Photo Cupcake Toppers

The photos were printed on printer paper, cut out with an exacto knife then hot glued onto lollipop sticks. Sounds simple right? Well, it really was. I totally recommend these toppers to let any group of kids feel super special.

Who wouldn't want to see themselves on top of their own cupcake?
How do you celebrate the End of School Party?

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