Sunday, May 27, 2012


I mentioned that we have a three week gap in our home move. Thought I'd share some of the details... Luckily we are able to drift around a few states as friends and family take us in. The kids are especially excited about our three week adventure. I have to say I am too. After all that packing and cleaning I'm in some serious need of a mind break. Undivided attention for my kids. Unfortunatly Alan's job still demands his time so he's only getting a couple weeks of freedom. The rest will be in a cheap motel. And we're ok with that. Spending a few weeks misplaced is a small price to pay for having all our ducks line up in a neat little row. So as summer officially started for our county on Friday afternoon, my kids took off to the grandparents for the weekend while Alan and I house and dog sit for some friends. I will join my kids Monday. This will be our unofficial start to summer. We're making our "sand pail" list and counting the days of summer fun we get to share. Theme for the summer...FUN AND FRIENDSHIP. Cant wait to share our crazy journey with you.

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