Monday, May 21, 2012

AdaLove's Baptism Luncheon

I mentioned Ada's Baptism Luncheon here and here and thought I would share a bit more of the details. 

This was honestly one of my favorite entertaining experiences. Not because I went all out, but because everything came together in the end. Anyone who has invited guests to their home, in any capacity, knows the stress that goes into making everything "perfect". Yet, Ada's baptism was honestly a stress free day. It all came together like I've never had a event do before. Amazing!

AdaLove Baptism
I tried not to put too much thought into the morning (maybe that accounts for the lack of stress!). The colors navy and yellow simply evolved as I started to coordinate outfits and in-season flowers.

Kids during Ada's Baptism Luncheon
This doily pennant was super simple to make. After stenciling letters with gold paint onto the doilies, I hung them with twine from the fireplace. Can't get much easier than that.
Doily Pennant
"God Bless AdaLove" was what the day was all about.
Baptism Luncheon Mantle
Another super simple pennant (yes, I have a thing for pennants). This time I just folded the doilies over the twine and added some double sided tape inside to help them stay. OK, maybe this was the easiest pennant!
Baptism Luncheon Buffet
And, just for fun, here's a shot of the special lady....busted for stealing something yummy. 
Sneaky Girl
And, as I mentioned before, we used our chalkboard as a guest book. Guests were asked to "Leave a Note of Love for AdaLove".
Guest Book Chalkboard

This day was about Ada and about Faith. 
It was a beautiful day we were able to share with family and friends. We are truly blessed!

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