Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yes, I'm filthy

You know that moment when you discover something wonderful and you want to shout it from a rooftop so everyone will be able to experience the same wonder as you? Anyone? Well...that happened to me yesterday.

I have been trying desperately to get our house in shape for a potential renter walk through. I've painted base boards, shampooed carpets and cleaned areas that haven't been given the time of day in five years. But I could NOT get the bottom of my shower clean. This has been a problem since we've lived here. I've scrubbed "with bubbles", I've ka-pow-ed it. I've redirected house guests to another bathroom. Yesterday I even went to what I thought was my last resort...bleach. Notta. Nothing. If I did anything, it was shave down the bristles of my scrub brush. That filth would not budge! Disgusting.

So like all smart girls do, I turned to my friends for help. Nope, they had nothing. Everyone knew the problem but no one knew the solution. I was even going to see if the hardware store had a refinishing kit or something and redo the whole dang shower! Seriously....that bad.

Making a short story long....I had my husband pick up a Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber....

Shout-It-From-The-Roof-Top...It worked!!!

With the help of a little elbow grease I watched the years of filth erase off my shower floor. As soon as I realized the miracle I stumbled upon I grabbed the camera for a "before" shot. Seriously...You would not know the shower has EVER been used. It's that clean. (Tears of joy might have started to swell) And, of course, I text my friends the gory details of my filthy before and afters.

Now I find myself rubbing the walls of the shower, you know, just for fun. Brand new!

That little package cost around $6 and I can't believe no one I talked to knew about it.

So, now you know...and have seen the filth that is was my shower.  Hope we can still be friends.

What about you? Any amazingly simple house cleaning tips you need to shout?

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