Sunday, April 15, 2012

what's yours is mine, what's mine is yours

So last night we were invited to a friend's house for a good ol' southern low country boil. yummo.

The funny part's our house.

Long story short...friends of ours are relocating to another state and we bought their house. (The longer version would include a mutual friend harassing us to investigate this possible change of address. And would also include how grateful we are to said mutual friend. ;)

But our friends will not be moving until the summer time, so in the meantime the house is both theirs...and ours. Little bit weird.

Last night we enjoyed the company of friends in what will soon be our front yard, stored our coleslaw in what will soon be our fridge and peed in a toilet that will soon be our toilet. We also answered the random house questions "what do you plan to do with it?", "are you brainstorming ideas already?" and my favorite...."how's it feel to be invited to your own house?" answer...awkward.

Hubby and I are both OK with any weirdness because we know what a great opportunity we were given.

But for now we all carry on as usual. We play with our friends at the park and hang out at the Chic-fil-a as well as give them boxes from hubby's work and pick up our mail from their house.

I think God has been teaching me a lesson in patience in the last couple years....and He's not done yet. Luckily, while I sit patiently waiting on my new house I get to enjoy and be grateful for my current home. A home in which I brought my new baby girl from the hospital, where my boys learned to ride their bikes and where I have painted the walls every shade in the rainbow...(yep, that includes orange!)

Here's to waiting....

Best picture I took all night. Love at our soon to be fire pit.

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