Monday, April 30, 2012

{Part 1} What I love most about my house...Closets

Since I get to say Good-bye to my current home, I thought I'd share some of what I will miss most.

First...our closet systems... We have made a conscious effort to use every inch of space in this home and we have never needed a dresser. I can not imagine living without these systems.

  Of course, Love's closet is pink...Her dress up clothes are on the bottom rail and everyday on the top. Her nice dresses live on the right. We did have a book case for her books on the bottom right but it's already on it's way to storage. Her dresser houses undies and toys, but there's actually room in the closet for both. And the ever growing bow collection lives on the inside of the door.

And while the next closet looks a bit haphazard, note: two boys share this space and they do not have a single dresser drawer in their room. Each boy has their own side. The top rails hold some off season and church clothes and current season is on the bottom. The shelves hold a basket for undies and a basket for p.j.s (although they almost never wear any) plus a shelf each for shorts and a spare on top for pants. Having both shorts and pants out only happens twice a year when our Georgia weather can't make up it's mind. Once it does, the off season gets sorted through, consigned or stored and the closet can breath a little easier. We placed some hanging organizers on the inside of the doors for belts, hats and other accessories.
(I could have folded those pants up but just keeping it real!)

And, of course, the master is my favorite! We used some Christmas $$ to install a new system 2 years ago. Best decision ever! I painted the closet with some leftover living room paint, took my time designing the best layout and scored a $8 chandelier at Lowe's. I love this room...

We both have a shelf to hold our daily junk, keys, pens, change etc. Plus we have room to spare. One of the bars has never been needed so it just holds the ugly-need-to-be-replaced hangers.

You can't till by my fancy photography, but there are two bars on the left of shelves for Mr.Man's clothes. Two for me on the right (although I sadly only need one) and a tall bar for dresses and suits.

We do store or unmentionables and p.j.s in our nightstands but could easily store them in the closet if we needed. And as with the kids clothes, I sort twice a year and store the off season clothes in the attic. Easy Peasy.
These closets have been such a life saver.
Do you love your closets?

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