Saturday, April 28, 2012

Going confidently...

The idea of a life change has a been gradual process for myself. But this past winter it took on a life of it's own. The words "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined" by Thoreau have played over and over again in my head. At one point I questioned my sanity because, after all, it wasn't scripture speaking to me....was I to act on it?
Yes, yes we did. We started looking at houses, had a Realtor show us some and even put a bid on two different homes. And each time we were outbid. Within 1 month I had lost two different dreams of how life could be, dreams I didn't even know I had. Dreams that really weren't meant to be.  Dreams that really weren't dreams at all.

And on the sidelines we watched as our friends prepared to move out of state, and a new image, a new dream began to form. The other two homes were not meant for our family. They would not have solved any life change I needed in my heart. When we found out we were didn't get the first home it was a disappointment, when we found out we didn't get the second home it was a shot to the heart. Maybe I wasn't supposed to act. Maybe nothing was to change. I couldn't see then that God was lining up the perfect opportunity for my family.

But this dream I was to go confidently in the direction of had one requirement....someone to love our current home. We could not pull off, well not gracefully, owning two homes (selling is not an option at this point) without someone to make our home theirs. So while one end of the image was coming into focus, the other had to be prepared for and prayed over. And I am happy to report that He has answered yet another prayer...the request for a loving family to make our house into their home. And we couldn't be happier. The pieces of our dream are all falling into place.

It has been a matter of months since we first got the bug to look at a new home. We moved confidently and so did He.

Five years ago, when we moved into our current home we asked the Lord to bless it and all those who step inside. And I can honestly say He did just that. Our home has been good to us.

So now we will ask Him to bless our new home, but we know He already has.

Is there a dream in which you need to move confidently?

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