Sunday, July 28, 2013

exciting changes....

I got a JOB!

As of two days ago, I'm an assistant at a preschool. This job is such a blessing for our family. Truly.

I've enjoyed trying to share my random thoughts and ideas with the Internet world, but now need to focus more on the daily happening of my family.

I'll be taking a break from the blog for awhile. (what's new, right?;)

Maybe I'll return here refreshed or perhaps in another venue, only God knows what he has planned for me.

Thanks for ever having an interest in this little site of mine.

Much Love.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Creating a Kid Hangout

Seeing as how we have had such a rainy summer so far here in small town GA, my kids have spent a great deal more time in the basement rather than outside than I would have liked. (It might have not been then case had their Mama been more of a mud girl)

And with the cold hard truth that my boys are getting older and needing different entertainment (and I really loath the TV screen no matter whats on it) I have set out to create more of a kid hangout in the basement rather than family room. A "Kid Cave" if you will. I've talked about my ideas before here.

The idea of having a space where the kids can invite friends over and want to stay makes my heart happy. Who doesn't want to have the fun house?

While I really desire such a fun set up for the kid folk, I'm hoping to still maintain a somewhat adult vibe as well. I know there will be times when we wish to entertain without the kiddos and having cocktails with Lego men and Dora the explorer isn't my idea of entertaining. So there will be a fine line of balance.

That leads us to the plan...

We have already started sprucing up the fun factor by adding a ping pong table. It needs another coat of paint and then I'll be ready to show it off. I followed the directions found here and will elaborate more when it's finished. We're planning on adding a dart board next. Any suggestions on which kind?

I have also painted the entire main room. Just'll freak when you see it! Photos coming soon!

Still on the list for finishing the room is to paint/stain/seal the concrete floors. Possibly DIY a rug. And add some art.

Down the road we intend to add a bar/snack zone in the space under the stairs as well as a projector and screen.

I'll leave you with some inspiration images until I can get the space cleaned up and photo ready.

Love how this space can go tween or adult. Either's fun!

This is a beach house but love the cool colors and fresh look. Plus we have the same walls.
Blank Canvas
This photos caption is Family Fun perfect for a family with older kids.
This is a Serena & Lily shop. Love it. Although I can guarantee you we won't be having a crystal chandelier in the Kid Cave!
Click images for links.
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Amie Corley Interiors

Don't you just love when you stumble upon a designer and think....can I see everything they've ever done please? 

That's how I felt when I came across designer Amie Corley.  I am compeltely smitten with everything I see of hers. Her style seems fresh, fun and youthful. She has been featured in Southern Living a few times and you can see why....

Designer Amie Corley

How cute is she?

And take a tour of a young couples home with Amie here.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Quick post: Have you read this?....

If you have kids, daughters or sons, I highly recommend reading the two posts below from Chatting at the Sky.

I gulped when I read what not to say to my child. I say this to him all the time. I am so grateful for these eye openers.

Maybe your eyes will be opened too.

#8 on the list of what to say was my favorite. A fresh way for me to view my kids. Again...grateful. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Free Summer DIY List

This week I've been talking about the idea of a free summer. As much as I like to play games with the kids I also enjoy improving the home. And since money is uber tight I'm having to think free in this arena as well.

I've been working on my own free summer DIY list for the home. To be perfectly honest it consists mostly of finishing projects I've already started or already bought the supplies for and have yet to begin.

Sounds like this free summer challenge is just what my booty needs to get some things done around here!

I'm throwing it out's what I want to accomplish this summer...or at least what I CAN accomplish without spending any more money.

My free summer DIY list:
Paint Ada’s room - paint is already bought and waiting in her room
Hang Adas curtains
DIY art in bathroom
DIY roman shade in bathroom
Hang curtains in master bedroom
Hang art above bed in master bedroom
Paint master bathroom - think I have enough leftover bedroom paint
Organize and label kitchen cabinets
Finish gallery wall in basement stairway - yea, that's not done yet!
DIY art on upper stairway - already have something in mind
Chalkboard on upper stairway
DIY curtains in Alex’s room? - no idea on this one
Sew pillows - pillow forms abound in my house, why have I not tackled them yet?
Paint boys bathroom - use leftover living room paint
Paint laundry room - use leftover something paint?
Sort through storage room -sell or Goodwill items
Refinish lamps and lights - might not have what I need for this one...we'll see.
Pin board in kitchen
DIY roman shade in kitchen
DIY art in basement - endless possibilities

There you have my list of all the things I'm perfectly capable of accomplishing with out spending another dime. I'll be checking off the list here as we go. And of course I'll be sharing along the way!

Do you make summer home goals? Any home improvements you try to tackle when the kids are home from school?